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08/07/19 Update

Now booking August deliveries.

September ordering
begins 08/12

Monthly Surge Pricing
increases began in August.


We have sold
35% of our firewood
for Winter 2019-20

Cooking Wood ordering
ended 08/06

Specialty woods
(Ash, Cherry & Hickory)
were produced during
March ONLY

There is a 1/2 cord
maximum limit per delivery
( Starter does not count )

There will be a
1/4 cord maximum
during the Fall & Winter.

100% of our wood
is delivered.

All of our wood
is sold online
on a first-come basis.

Exclusive updates :

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There is a 1/2 cord
maximum limit per delivery.
( Starter does not count )

August South Deliveries
= Tues. & Thurs.

August North Deliveries
= Weds. & Fri.

Sept South Deliveries
= Thurs. & Sat.

Sept North Deliveries
= Weds. & Sun.

You are not required
to be home for delivery.

Sorry, we do not have
any available pickup.

All of our firewood
is delivered in bags.

Bags are neatly offloaded
directly behind safe truck access.

Additional stacking is
an optional service
that can be requested
during Check Out.

For more info visit our :

FAQ Page
Delivery Page

Did You Know ?

bought in stores
costs $1300
to $1500+ per cord.

Read more

Store bought firewood
charges 8.625% sales tax.
We collect 2.5% to deliver.

Much of the firewood
sold in stores
is produced

KD Firewood in stores
is overdried
& it burns too fast.


It takes (180) bundles or store bought bags
to make (1) true cord.

It takes (3) face cords
to make (1) true cord

It takes (3) rows of (4 x 8)
to make (1) true cord.

Unscrupulous sellers offer
face cords & (4 x 8) rows
so you dont know
their true cord price.


We are the only
U.S. firewood company with
a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

We have the only
24/7 firewood ordering
& delivery scheduling.

Our KILN DRIED Firewood
is up to 70% more efficient
than "seasoned" firewood.

We have never advertised.
Most of our customers
are referred by friends & family.

Be sure to view our 2019 Schedule
*** September ordering begins 08/12 ***
Learn more about our Surge Pricing

** 24/7 Online Ordering & delivery scheduling **

Our KILN DRIED Firewood is absolutely the highest quality available anywhere !!
It's delivered in bags & has a 100% Money Back Guarantee

KILN DRIED Hardwoods

Starter (short)
Stage #1


Multiple stages of hardwood starter is the right way to start a fire. "Fatwoo...

Delivery as soon as 11/07
Starter (long)
Stage #2


"Fatwood" & Duraflames have very low temperatures & are not good starter opti...

Delivery as soon as 11/07

KILN DRIED Hardwoods

KD Mix 1/8 Cord
= (8) bags


NOVEMBER delivery of a true 1/8 cord delivered in (8) large bags that are eas...

Delivery as soon as 11/07
KD Mix 1/4 Cord
= (16) bags


NOVEMBER delivery of a true 1/4 cord delivered in (16) large bags, that are e...

Delivery as soon as 11/07

KILN DRIED Hardwoods
Special Cut

KD Stove Cut
1/8 Cord =
(7) bags


This wood is sure to fit in smaller stoves. The 12" average length is much sh...

KD Northern Cut
1/8 cord =
(7) bags


OCT or NOV delivery. These are very large cuts! Each piece averages 6" to 8" ...

Delivery as soon as 11/07



This rack will hold over 1/8 cord and comes with a cover...


This rack stores almost 1/4 cord and comes with a cover...


This rack can hold over 1/3 cord and comes with a cover...

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