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Surge Pricing

Our 3500+ dedicated repeat customers are awesome !!
But we can't meet demand when everyone waits to order late in the season.

Our Surge Pricing structure rewards early buyers with discounted pricing.
It also insures more firewood availability during the Winter months. It's always best TO ORDER EARLY !!

Why we use Surge Pricing

#1 ) Save when you order early - Customers that order during the Spring & Summer receive the absolute lowest pricing of the season.
#2 ) More availability during Peak Season - Peak Season is Aug thru Feb. Early price discounts promotes early buying = more firewood availability during the Winter months.
#3 ) Our operating costs increase during Peak Season - Our costs increase monthly during the Fall & Winter. Surge Pricing insures early season buyers avoid those Peak Season costs.
#4 ) Surge Pricing reflects actual supply & demand - Just like gasoline & heating oil, Surge Pricing corresponds to demand & helps avoid supply disruptions.
#5 ) Built-in discount for repeat customers - Our 3500+ repeat customers are THE BEST & many of them know to order early = lowest pricing. Newer customers tend to order much later in the season.

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Our 2019-2020 Season Pricing

#1 ) Peak Season vs. Off-Peak Season - Pricing is lowest during the Off-Peak Season months (March thru July). Prices increase monthly during Peak Season (Aug. thru Nov.)
#2 ) 3% monthly increase - All firewood prices increase a maximum of 3% monthly. That means Nov. & Dec. firewood costs 12% more than in July. Starter does not have monthly increases.
#3 ) Price freezes & lowering - There will be no price increases after November. Prices will be lowered in March, & remain constant March through July 2020.
#4 ) How customers will know the different monthly pricing - Each firewood product will be listed by its delivery month & each month will have different pricing. For example : order September firewood for SEPTEMBER DELIVERY ONLY. You cannot order September firewood for October delivery because the October delivery price will be 3% higher.

Order Our KILN DRIED Firewood

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