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10 years !!

We started delivering KILN DRIED Firewood in 2009.

No one has delivered more KD Firewood on L.I. than us.

We have 3500+ repeat customers & add 100's more every year.

We have the only KILN DRIED Ash, Cherry & Hickory on Long Island

Our customers are the best. THANK YOU

2019-20 Season (Eastern Suffolk)

*** Below is guidance for the 2019-20 season ***

Our 3500+ dedicated repeat customers are awesome !! But we can't meet demand when everyone waits to order late in the season. For this 2019-20 season we are opening earlier, delivering larger quantities & producing more firewood than ever.

Be sure to read below so you don't miss out on our firewood this year. We will not have enough to meet demand. BE SURE TO ORDER EARLY !!

Specialty Woods ordering began 02/28 & deliveries ended in April
Hardwoods Mix ordering began 03/18 & deliveries began 04/11

The schedule below is for EASTERN SUFFOLK ONLY

2019 Firewood Availabilty

Specialty Wood Ash, Cherry & Hickory were produced in March & April ONLY. There will be no specialty woods produced after April. Our Hardwoods Mix will be available mid April thru closing.
1/2 cords The maximum delivery amount (per delivery) is 1/2 cord from March thru September.
There will be a 1/4 cord maximum October thru closing.
Cooking Wood Our famous Cooking Wood for pizza ovens will be available from April thru August ONLY.
Cooking Wood ordering ended 08/06/19 & will next be available early Spring 2020.
Custom Cut Wood Stove Cut & Northern Cut production will be varied. Availability will fluctuate throughout the season. Northern Cut will have the most availability after Labor Day.
Price increase The lowest price of the season is always March thru July. 3% monthly price increases run August thru November. November & December pricing are fixed. View more about our Surge Pricing

2019 Delivery

Schedule Deliveries will be made from March thru December. A total of 35 delivery weeks.
Deliveries will not be available after January.
Delivery Days Deliveries to Eastern Suffolk will be made on Thursdays & Fridays ONLY.
South Fork Closing Deliveries on the South Fork were closed in July & the first 1/2 August [due to Hamptons traffic].
Deliveries to the South Fork resumed 08/15
Multiple Deliveries Customers are welcome to place multiple orders. They will be delivered at least 2 weeks apart. Once any customer fills the available 2 week calendar slots, no more orders can be delivered.
Delivery Month Availabilty As each month begins to book full, we will open the next month for scheduling.

In 2018, we delivered from August thru January = 6 months. For 2019, we will deliver March thru December = 8 months.
In 2018, we had a 1/4 cord maximum year-round. In 2019, there will be a 1/2 cord maximum March thru Sept.
In 2018, we produced very little Specialty Woods (Ash, Cherry & Hickory). In 2019, we had Specialty Woods (March & April).
In 2019, from Aug thru Nov there will be 3% monthly "surge pricing" increases. BE SURE TO ORDER EARLY !!

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