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Our KILN DRIED Firewood vs. "seasoned" firewood

We have dry, clean firewood - Guaranteed !
Our KILN DRIED firewood will save you time, $$$ and aggravation.

Our firewood is delivered in large bags that are easy to store.

Others sell cheap firewood by cutting corners on quantity & quality.
We never cut corners........YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR !

from Hamptons Firewood
"seasoned" firewood
Guaranteed Dry ? 100% Money Back Guarantee
because we know our firewood is dry.
Buyer beware.
They don't give receipts or guarantees.
How is the wood dried ? KILN DRIED at 200 degrees for 72 hours
to an average moisture content of 25%
Left outside for an undetermined amount of time to "season" to an unspecifiied moisture content
Definition of "Seasoned" KILN DRIED Firewood is produced using high tech processes regulated by state agencies. There is no legal definition for "seasoned" firewood. Anyone can call any firewood "seasoned".
Volume measurement We use true cord measurements &
cubic foot volumes as defined by NYS Bureau of Weights & Measurements
They sell deceptive "Face Cords" that are not legal volumes in NYS.
"Face Cords" = 1/3 true cord
Efficiency ? Our low moisture content insures true BTU ratings = more heat for less $
Use less firewood & have hotter fires.
High moisture content = less heat & more $$$ spent.
More wood to buy & store.
Delivered in bags ? All of our KILN DRIED Firewood is delivered in bags. The bags are precisely measured & easy to store. They dump your wood in a pile. You can't measure it & have to work hard to move it.
Consistent Quality ? KILN DRIED Firewood is the same premium quality every time, even during the coldest months. "Seasoned" firewood is unpredictable & mid-Winter supplies are lowest in quality.
Price ? Our pricing is the same year round.
Unadvertised pricing that is the highest when you need firewood the most. PRICE GOUGING ACCORDING TO DEMAND.
Where is it stored ? We store KILN DRIED Firewood indoors keeping it toasty warm & dry. They store firewood in large piles that are subjected to rain, snow & other elements.
Does it have bugs ? Our KILN DRIED Firewood is USDA Certified to be free of bugs & larvae. Insects & pests live in outdoor wood piles. Bugs travel well with firewood.
Clean ? Kept free of dirt & delivered clean to you. You can store it inside. Stored on dirt & dumped in your yard. The dirt ends up in your house.
Waste ? Our wood is carefully sorted so
you will burn every log.
They send you the bad cuts that cannot be burned.
Length ? Industry standard 15 to 16" lengths.
Nothing longer or shorter.
Inconsistent random lengths.
Some pieces may not fit your burning area.
Types of Wood ? Our KILN DRIED Firewood is processed from specific hardwood species, as listed on the product detail pages. Random wood is cut & mixed together with no species guaranteed. There are often softwood species mixed in.
Ordering ? Order online 24/7/365
& schedule your delivery date.
Call on phone during business hours
& see if they get back to you.
Order Confirmation ? Instant online receipt
& e-mail confirmation of delivery date.
Talk to someone on the phone
& hope they get it right.
Order Tracking ? Track your order online on the Order Tracking Page.
Look up your past orders there too.
They don't track orders. You're left guessing. No past orders to look up because few repeat customers.
Payment options ? Secure online credit card payment
with Visa, Master Card or Discover.
Cryptocurrency payments available too.
Cash payment preferred.
Give them your personal credit card info over phone & hope it doesn't get stolen.
Repeat Customers ? We have 3500+ dedicated repeat customers & add 100's more every season. Few repeat customers
because they have poor quality firewood & service.

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